Create the best content in the world

Analyze every available data source that may influence Google and uncover every pattern related to winners in search results.

Search engines have changed.

Traditional SEO tactics rely on outdated strategies that assume Google still treats every keyword the same.

But Google and its algorithms have evolved past that.

Syllabus allows you to quickly study everything that influences Google search results — all the SEO data in one place, plus webpage content and UX factors — in real time, to create finely tuned, modern SEO strategies that win.

Everything in one place

All your SEO data in one place. Competitor traffic, keyword volume, important UX elements, and so much more.

Patterns revealed

There are hundreds — even thousands — of reasons that top-ranked content wins. Syllabus uncovers correlations across every data point, so you can find powerful patterns that others miss and focus on what will make your SEO content uniquely successful.

Complete analysis of content and UX

With Syllabus' content and UX analysis engine, you can finally understand exactly what drives the best pages to the top of results — and design content to out-perform them.

Build plans and take action

Build website strategies and webpage plans based on complete, exhaustive competitive research.

Fast, limitless sharing

Quickly share your findings and plans with others.

Unlimited customization

Start with powerful templates or build your own from scratch to uncover today’s secret to the highest rankings in your niche.