Quick access to unparalleled insights

Easily share your unique findings in Syllabus. Set permissions, send a link — done!

SEO and content development is often a team effort including colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders. Syllabus makes sharing fast, easy, and secure with custom links.

Share analyses quickly and easily

A simple URL is all you need to share each analysis and data set with anyone.

Keep everyone in the loop during SEO content analysis and planning.

Retain custom tags, metrics, scopes, and more when sharing content, so other stakeholders see exactly what you see.

Collaborate without limits

Syllabus’s pricing model means you can share with all your SEO content stakeholders.

No additional charges for sharing with your team or a wider audience.

Anyone can access shared data and analytics.

Stay in control of permissions

Granular access controls let you decide how and with whom your analyses are shared.

Assign owner, editor, or viewer roles to others when sharing insights.

Share with the public at large or with specific individuals.