Modern SEO action plans, completely reimagined

Use every SEO data point to design strategies and content that win.

Turn the largest collection of SEO data, plus your customized insights, into an actionable content plan. Syllabus makes data-driven SEO strategies simple.

Remove the guesswork from SEO

Winning traffic in modern search requires a competitive SEO and content development strategy. Syllabus help you plan it.

Analyze competitors and winning content against a complete view of SEO and UX factors so you don’t miss anything.

Build each strategy and content outline on a flexible framework that can be easily tailored to your needs.

Uncover insights that deliver meaningful value

There are hundreds of considerations for designing content that out-performs the competition, but generic SEO best practices don’t always capture them. Uncover the key strategies for each keyword and every piece of content.

Determine which attributes impact performance and drive traffic.

Craft a clear, actionable plan for creating even better SEO strategies and content.

Share and validate SEO plans

Assess SEO plans with all stakeholders from a central location.

Share content insights and strategies with colleagues and clients.

Revise and update content plans as needed while keeping your analyses and data centralized.

Back up your insights by sharing the raw data behind your research.