Uncover patterns across EVERY ranking factor

Syllabus is the only solution that lets you analyze every SEO factor, for every keyword or webpage, in a single place.

Uncover and study every factor, across one or thousands of keywords. Perform your own ranking factor study to see what correlates to the highest rankings — and what's a waste of time.

Get unique insights from search data

Correlating every known data point with organic traffic metrics is the only way to see into the “black box” of search algorithms and make meaningful decisions about SEO content strategy.

Tailor SEO analysis to your unique needs

Say goodbye to generic SEO studies and checklists. Say hello to infinitely customizable, actionable, laser-focused analyses and action plans.

Perform customized SEO studies based on your goals, market, and target audiences.

Scope your analyses to study single keywords, keyword groups, topics, or entire user needs.

Identify how search rankings and SEO traffic vary depending on keyword, user needs, industry, and more.

Centralize SEO insights

Make the most of SEO data that is spread across multiple tools and systems.

Automate and scale SEO data ingestion from disparate data sources.

Analyze data on a central platform.

Move beyond keywords by working at any scope

Syllabus is designed for truly dynamic and customizable SEO analysis that includes, but extends well beyond, keyword analytics. With Syllabus you can:

Define any level of scope and perform comprehensive analyses at that scale.

Compare findings between multiple or many scopes of analysis.

Leverage diverse sets of SEO data to drive pattern identifications that are as actionable and complete as possible.

Analyze SEO data at any scope – from a single webpage to an entire industry – to gain even more context on how to win top search rankings.