A New SEO Tool for
the Era of AI

Syllabus lets marketers analyze and evaluate every knowable factor that impacts Google search rankings, so you can develop content and SEO strategies that drive business success.

Centralize SEO insights

Organic search is increasingly competitive — and algorithms are increasingly complex — making it harder than ever for digital marketers to cut through the noise and earn meaningful traffic. Conventional SEO best practices don’t suffice today, because AI-driven search engines don’t use a static list of ranking factors.

Syllabus solves these problems by providing a centralized platform where SEO analysts and marketers can systematically assess every aspect of top-ranking content, then plan new content that beats it.

Assess every available data point
of top ranking pages — including content and UX attributes — to uncover exactly what drives organic traffic and rankings for any keyword or topic.
Leverage pattern detection
and intuitive analytics tools to develop data-driven theories about why pages earn more organic traffic than others.
Plan even better content
of your own, based on unique, custom insights.

Why Syllabus and why now?

SEO has changed. Traditional SEO best practices and checklists are no longer enough to produce high-performing content. SEO teams need a new approach to studying search engine algorithms that can account for the vast unknowns and millions of parameters that go into ranking algorithms like Google Search.

We built Syllabus because the SEO community needs a tool that can:

Keep up with AI-powered algorithms

Generic correlation studies and one-size-fits-all SEO checklists no longer produce meaningful, scalable results.

Facilitate a modern SEO strategy

SEO has evolved, but digital marketers have been forced to use new strategies with old tools. We needed a more agile and powerful solution.

Support a data-driven SEO content framework

Yes, content can be data-driven. In fact, we think it has to be, to win in today’s competitive search environment.

Unify SEO conversations

Effective SEO requires collaboration, but there’s never been a unified platform for sharing insights and gathering feedback on this kind of modern.

Syllabus is the last SEO tool you'll ever need.

Compare and correlate every available data

The old approach to SEO involved switching between disparate tools and working with limited data. Syllabus centralizes and streamlines content analysis by delivering a central platform for comparing and analyzing all potentially relevant data points that could impact organic traffic.

Study every aspect of content and UX

With Syllabus, you no longer have to guess why certain pages win all the organic traffic. Through comprehensive analysis of top-performing pages, Syllabus helps you systematically determine which factors impact page rankings among the thousands of potentially relevant attributes.

Analyze content at any scope

Most SEO tools only let you study a single keyword or a set of keywords associated with a single account. Syllabus puts you in control by letting you analyze content at whichever scope work for you.

Conquer AI-powered search with Syllabus

Syllabus lets you analyze top-performing content based on every available signal and create an actionable plan for developing content that ranks even higher. Bring your SEO strategy up to speed with modern, AI-powered search.