Custom, deep, endless SEO analysis

Competing for SEO traffic today requires understanding the unique factors that drive the highest rankings — and those factors are different for every query.

With Syllabus, you can finally study every factor, in completely customizable ways, in one place.

Every keyword, user need, industry, and audience require a unique SEO strategy, but most SEO tools aren’t flexible enough. Say goodbye to limited data sets, narrow modes of analysis, and specific methods for validating insights.

Drive analyses with custom metrics and visualizations

Customize your approach to SEO analysis.

Label any element of a page and analyze its impact on performance.

Focus on metrics that matter most for your SEO needs.

Build plans specific to your requirements.

Generate custom visualizations to interpret results.

Analyze content at any scope

Syllabus lets you analyze content and traffic patterns at any scope.

Assess individual keywords to discover how they are used in search.

Study lists of keywords to evaluate varying user needs.

Investigate a user need in organic search across your industry.

Build custom tables, charts, and dashboards

Syllabus makes it easy to tailor analyses to your preferences.

Use multiple custom visualizations to gain even more insight into relevant trends.

Craft custom dashboards to analyze and compare content performance.

Highlight the patterns and trends that matter most using custom tables, charts, and more.