Create the web’s
very best content

Analyze the content and UX features that differentiate top-ranked webpages from the rest — then design pages that are even better.

Content and user experience (UX) are the most influential factors in determining how webpages perform in organic search. But there hasn't been a way to study these attributes systematically, meaningfully, and comprehensively — until now.

Data-driven content design

Manually analyzing hundreds of content and UX attributes to figure out which ones meaningfully impact search rankings isn’t practical or scalable.

With Syllabus you can systematically identify all of the distinctive content and UX features on top-ranked webpages, such as:

Provide the answers your target audience wants and create an engaging content experience.
Focus on the visual elements — like images and videos — that are important.
Design content and webpages that include the UX features your audience expects.

By comparing content and UX features across multiple competitors, Syllabus enables you to create better webpages that rank even higher.

A new path to unparalleled insights

Extend your analysis beyond spreadsheets with a powerful, customizable competitor analysis.

Identify and compare content and UX features for any number of webpages, side-by-side.

Zoom in on individual webpages to study content and UX in depth, or zoom out to analyze elements across multiple sources.

View content and UX analytics data for all webpages in a single place.

Home in on content and UX features of your choosing

Unlike tools that analyze only predefined webpage elements, Syllabus provides the flexibility to study any and all aspects of UX and content.

Select any aspect of a webpage to identify it as a content or UX element you want to analyze.

Leverage multiple views of a webpage — including full-color layouts, or text-only mode — to identify content and UX elements that you want to study.

Compare custom content and UX elements across multiple webpages to assess how they impact webpage rankings.

Visualize winning content and UX trends, at any scale

Built-in visualization features mean you can easily display and interpret key content and UX trends.

Identify trends and commonalities across any number of webpages.

Display trends using customizable dashboards, charts, and graphs.

Use visualizations to compare how content and UX impact the performance of a single webpage, or many webpages, to gain even more insight on creating your own top-ranked content.

Build a strategic content plan

Use content and UX analysis to construct an actionable plan.

Determine which content and UX elements differentiate winning webpages from the rest.

Identify the content and UX components you should add to, or enhance on, your own webpages.

Validate plans based on the comprehensive content and UX data you’ve collected through Syllabus.

Share and explain your content plans

The most effective content and UX analysis is collaborative. Syllabus drives collaboration by making it easy to:

Share reports and visualizations that highlight key content and UX trends.

Share the data behind your analysis in order to back up your findings and plans.

Iterate on multiple versions of analytics results as you debate and optimize content plans.