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Illustration of the top 20 webpages ranking for each keyword being added to Syllabus.

When you add a keyword…

…Syllabus will add the top 20 webpages that rank for that keyword.

Never Charged Twice for a Webpage

When one webpage ranks for multiple keywords, Syllabus adds additional keyword data to the existing webpage. You are never charged twice for one webpage.

Illustration of a webpage never being duplicated in Syllabus, even if it ranks for many keywords.

Most SEO tools charge you for every keyword.

We believe that webpage-based pricing delivers greater value.

The audiences you want to reach use all kinds of different keywords. Most searches today are long tail keywords!
Studying the full range of keywords that people use tells you so much more than looking at just a few keywords.
You shouldn’t have to pay to track similar keywords. It doesn’t make sense to pay an SEO tool for “car” and “cars”!

And unlike other SEO tools, Syllabus gives you unlimited free users!

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